Austintown Chapel

  • "They could not have been any nicer and did so much paperwork for me. Thank you!" - M.S. 
  • "Kudos to Cheri, thank you and God bless". - J.R.
  • "Thank you so much for your help in our time of need and sadness. God bless all of you.” –W.B.
  • "Thank you so much for all the caring and empathy for the saddest day of my life.” –G.J.
  • “James the funeral director did very well. We were much more satisfied than we were with your colleagues across town.” -- T.T. 
  • “The military service was the best done I've ever attended.” -- S.Y. 
  • “Everyone that our family worked with were very kind sympathetic and helpful. Our expectations were surpassed.” -- H.S. 
  • “Thank you for everything.” – C.

Boardman - Anstrom Chapel

  • “I would recommend Lane and Doug Anstrom to everyone.” A.T.
  • “Thank you for taking such good care of us at such a difficult time.” –T.G.
  • “I really appreciated the compassion of the staff.” –S.D.
  • “You are always so kind. I appreciate everything.” – H.L.
  • “I would recommend Lane and Greg Anstrom to others.” – A.T.

Brookfield- Madasz Chapel

  • “The Brookfield staff was wonderful.” – J.D.
  • “Over and above with everything.” –R.D.
  • "Very well pleased. He looked himself.” –M.D.
  • “Thank you Rob and staff for your care of our mom.” –R.M.
  • “Rob was incredible. Thank You, you have a great employee there.” – P. 
  • “Rob and the staff did a 100% job. We thank you.” – S.

Canfield Chapel

  • “Cheryl was outstanding in every manner. Going above and beyond our expectations. Lane will be our funeral home for future arrangements.” –T.D.
  • “Cheryl and Jamie were very impressive, as was the entire staff.” – T.E.
  • “Thanks once again.” – N.M. 
  • “Cheryl Thompson was EXCEPTONAL in many ways. So understanding.” – J.H. 
  • “Cheryl was very helpful. All the staff were courteous and respectful.” –L.K.

Cortland - Shafer-Winans Chapel

  • “Joe was great! He was compassionate and understanding.” –R.W.
  • “Professional yet made us feel very comfortable.” –J.G. 
  • “Joe was the best, very professional, helpful, warm and compassionate.” – M.D.
  • “Jessica was fantastic very professional and understanding, the whole staff was amazing.” --J.H. 
  • “Joe was fantastic and so was Sauni.” -- J.P. 
  • “Special thanks to Sauni, Bob, Mike and the apprentice.” – R.T. 

Mineral Ridge Chapel

  • “Thank you very much; your staff was very professional.”
  • “Extremely compassionate and professional and professional. Thank you.” –M.I
  • “Cheri and your staff were essentially supportive in helping our family through this unexpected and traumatic time.” – D.M.  
  • “Cheri did an awesome job! She will be a part of our hearts forever.” – D.B. 
  • “James, Jeff and Jeannie at the MR chapel were terrific!” – N.W.

Niles Chapel

  • “Lanes went above and beyond for our family.” –S.S.
  • “Special thanks to Mary K. for much help with preplanning and Bob Laird for his kindness in coming out of retirement for service.” – K.

Warren - Roberts-Clark Chapel

  • “David, I want to thank you for finding such a wonderful minister, Randi for my mother’s service. It was beautiful.” –M.K.
  • “Barry and Roberts-Clark Funeral Home were very accommodating and went the extra mile to walk me and my family through all of the arrangements.” –M.H.
  • “Barry and staff made this very difficult time so much easier for me and guided me through every need. I thank them very much and thank you, Barry Lamer for all of your help.” –J.C.
  • Dave: What you did for our family over the past week gave of so much comfort and took away a lot of heartache. Thanks again” -- C.S.
  • “Thank you for your compassion during our time of need.”-- 
  • “Lanes went above and beyond for our family”-- S.S. 
  • “During this difficult time the staff was exceptional. I couldn’t have asked for better. Barry and David; “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – F.B. 
  • “Very impressed & grateful for the professionalism and comforting support offered by your staff.” – C.H. 
  • “Every little detail and a few extras were handled well. Exceeded my expectations. Barry did a marvelous job. The staff was great.” – M.